Ghewar Chand Regar- 35Yrs-Hyper Acidity


I ghewarchand s/o kunnaram 46, subhash nagar, B , Pali Rajathan suffered in 2003 as rhere was hole in my teeth as cavity. The dentist removed that teeth. After some time i feel pain in stomach and some time in hands and legs. In june 2013 i feel pain in stomach all of the sudden i admitted to bagad hospital where they done a operation done by Dr dinesh kumar sarda.

In 2016 i again feeling stomach pain and gas trouble i consulted Dr A k mathur he given some medicine but i felt no relief. Than i went to neeraj sharma he done some investigation along with USG Abdomen in that it is found some swelling in stomach.

He also given some medicine but as i was hopeless so i don,t feel any relief than one my friend Mr nand kumar saran advised me to consult Dr Raj kumar kochar at Bikaner. Today on 9th may 2017 i came Bikaner to consult the Dr kochar first listened me than advised me for some blood tests and periscope and USG Abdomen in that found some mysentric lymph nodes.

Treatment given as

1  cap pantod d                     1 capsule empty stomach      1 capsule at bed time

2. Cap cytozene                     2 capsules twice a day

3. Tab  Liv 52 DS                    1 tab daily

4. Dr Thanki’s Tum can capsules           2 capsules twice a day







Satpal G Sharma – 32 yrs – Arthritis – liver and kidney Disease

The patient camr to us 5 years back complaining of gastric and acidity that time our dr suggested to take half tea spoon before lunch and dinner and shivakshar pachan churn half tsp after lunch and dinner. After 6 month he was alright again he got the same problem but he did not come to our clinic he went to different doctors.

the medicine taken by him was not given by expert dr and hence it reacted on kidney.

The patient again come to us our dr investigated and started treatment.

Treatment given.

Dr thanki Amoebitic capsules                                           2 capsules twice a day

Dr thankis oxy ium cap                                                     2 capsules at bed time

Dr thanki kidney care capsules                                        2 capsules in evening

Dr thanki liver care powder                                              1 tsp twice a day





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Smt. Patashi Devi-60yrs-(Hepatomegaly with diffuse fatty changes and marginal splenomegaly-hyper acidity)

Patient Review:-

Review from Lal Chand On Behalf of His Mother “Patashi Devi”


I am lalchand from khiyeran. My mother name is Smt.Patashi Devi and her age is 60 years. My mother had a decreased appetite and constipation and kidneys were also complaining because of which she could not move. Then my friend told me that for go to “Vishla Agrotech (P) Ltd. so on dated 26.06.2014 we went to met to doctor and he tested to all reports and started medicine. My mother have been taking all the medicine as per rules and today on dated 15.10.2014 we again come back to doctor and take for medicine. My mother is better than previous days. I will share my next experience with all of you.


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