Blood Cancer Treatment

Ayurvedic treatment for blood cancer
Ingredients: Canthras Roseas. 

This medicine can stop irregular mitotic cell division of red blood cells. It works with same efficiency on Leukomia, Lymphoma, Mylomea 
It has capacity to kill malignant cell which are hidden in any part of patient body by reaching them thru blood stream. After a long research on several patients Dr. Suggested to prescribe this medicine to tumor cancer patient in post treatment period to avoid repetition of tumor cancer or malignant cell in future. 
Dose : 1 capsule to 5kg body weight of patient means suppose a patient is 45kg. in weight, 9 capsule should be given as divided in three times a day means 3 capsules three times a day. ayurvedic treatment for blood cancer
Note : Maximum dose can be given as 6gm. Per day means 12 capsule as above mentioned dosages. 
Patient should strictly follow diet chart while treatment is going on as mentioned below

Key Ingredient

 Catharanthus roseus                           

Diet Chart

Whenever a person is diagnosed with blood cancer it is assumed that he is suffering with a non-curable problem but as per our ancestral holy books it is treatable and sufferer may be free from cancer by taking Ayurveda treatment. In this age besides Ayurveda there are other path’s are available like Homeopath, Allopath etc. The blood cancer can be treated by these path’salso.Blood cancer is a problem which develops as self generated problems in a human body and it is abide by all path’s that the self generated problem in a human body is only because of imbalance of hormones and enzymes.
A blood cancer sufferer should not take any kind of food which can provide nutrition to cancer cells means along with any kind of supplement cancer feeder diet should be stopped.
We have read thru a lot of books and discussed with a lot of Doctors of all path’s on this issue and finally we are giving this diet chart for Blood cancer sufferer.The diet should be given to a Blood cancer sufferer :–

1.Dry Fruit: Dry Palm, Apricot, Dry fig, currant, Dry grape, Walnut, Almond.

 2.Fruits:  Papaya, Banana, Coconut water, sweet lime, pomegranate, sapote.

 3.Vegetables:  Spinach, Awala, Ginger, Fresh Lime, carrot, lady finger, cucumber, white pumpkin,  Ivy gourd, pointed gourd.–

 4.Juice: Sufferer should take juice of above mentioned vegetables only. ( juice of any fruit is prohibited).

 5. Milk: every day sufferer should be given a cup of cow milk mixed with half or three forth tsp. full of turmeric once in a day.

 6. Tulsi: sufferer should take 21 leaves of Shyam Tulsi as swallowing with water.

 7. Wheat grass: Fresh wheat grass juice approximately 50ml should be provided to sufferer twice a day.  (if possible)

 8. Flex seed : One tsp. of crushed flex  seeds should be given to sufferer twice a day by the way of sprayed on salads or fruit bowl.
 9Sugar: make any preparation for sweetness utilize sugar free tablets or powders. (sugar and its products are totally ban to sufferer )

10Sprouted: Moth & Mung should be sprouted and than give to the sufferer early in the morning.

 11Indian bread : To prepare bread  wheat first wash wheat then dry in sunshine than grind only make bread of that wheat flour, second option is sufferer can take bread of moong (dal), flour and third option is sufferer can take bajra or nachni flour bread if available.

 12Rice : If you are going to give any rice preparation to the sufferer provided only brown rice (unpolished rice) to the sufferer.

 13. Ghee : Cow Ghee can be provided to sufferer but in less quantity. (It should be observedsurely that ghee should not mix with Buffalo ghee)

 14. Oil : Only soya bean or sunflower oil can be give.(but in less quantity)

 15Sleep : the sufferer should try to have a sound sleep.

 16. Walking :The sufferer should walk gently in the garden or near by the trees or plants to take fresh oxygen. sufferer should take deep breathe in that area. (Should not walk in these areas in night as trees and plants are releasing Carbon-Di-Oxide in night.)

 17. Sunlight:  sufferer should avoid warm and sunlight.

 18Exercise: sufferer should do the exercise of in taking long breath and release and light yoga tohave mental peace.

 19. Salt: for taste in food sufferer should be provided sea salt

 20. water : sufferer should be provided fresh & pure water. It should be considered that the water  should not have toxins or heavy metals. If available provide packaged drinking water  confirmed ISI mark of any brand.

 21. Pappya:  If available give one cup tea of  pappya leaves –


 Much oil and deep friend preparation. 

Stale food.

Sugar and Products made by it.

Salt (Iodised)

Packaged food.

Milk and its allied products

(Note: Paneer, Curd, Mawa, Cheese, butter milk, etc.)

Any type of fruit juice.

Disclaimer:The  result may vary from a person to person

From The Desk Of Chairman–


As we know that blood cancer may arise in childhood or at old age so there is no any perfect cause is detected neither it may remove permanently. Still the scientist are not sure to say this symptoms as cancer but we know if the supplement does not work to a sufferer or the symptoms occurs again and again than doctors are saying word allergy like that the symptoms of sufferer or the report of blood parameters shows quite abnormal doctors are saying it as blood cancer.Though it is c arable so don’t afraid.Still our research team working on this issue to find solution to get rid of as tumor cancer.Still to day we can care it.

Disclaimer:The result may vary from person to person

.Each Box Contain 100 Capsule of 500mg each cost 5500Rs INR

ayurvedic treatment for blood cancer

ayurvedic treatment for blood cancer

ayurvedic treatment for blood cancer

ayurvedic treatment for blood cancer